What GOD Has Done In Me

Poems about my salvation




On this website you will find a collection of my poems. Boy...I was born again early 2008 and it's been a rollercoaster of praising GOD, exercising faith, battling with sin, and intimate worship as I have understood the Gospel, and GOD's love and grace in the issues and struggles of my daily life.


My aim and desire with this site is that you will hear GOD's voice clearly in these pieces of thoughts, experiences and revelations- that He will strengthen the faith of His children, and for people who don't know Him- that you'll get a powerful and deep revelation of the ocean-deep love of GOD, revealed in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. 
These poems came from my heart, so I hope you will allow GOD to speak to yours through them, and that He will be pleased to use them to reveal His glory.

By the way, my name is Eli K. Blewuada and as of writing this I am 24 years old.

There is need of Thy grace, and of great grace, that I may overcome my nature, which always was prone to evil from my youth. 
A. Kempis

''A blaspheming heathen, a thief and a liar, forgiven in spite of all of my priors/filthy with sin, I was incriminated, but by God's grace I been regenerated''
JG & Alex Faith

''Its in our nature to do bad but check the news flash, man: Papa got a brand new bag''

Though fallen low, God raised her up, an angel.
from Redeeming Love

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