What GOD Has Done In Me

Poems about my salvation




---I fell---

I fell so hard and bad, I feel soul-scarred and sad

How can I know the Lord, when my soul is this flawed?

I see a void ahead, like Jesus when He prayed,

'Please take this cup from me!' Blackness is all I see.


I know the light of grace, is ready to erase

The stain of sin, the shame; the pain of guilt, the weight

Still trusting Christ is hard, when truly I feel marred

Like Adam and his Eve, after they did that deed


Lying in this grave, I feel like David in that cave

Have I been truly saved by the precious Son GOD gave?

I'm struggling to believe, the things which I can't see

The light of Deity, seems like absurdity...


There must be a way back, somehow to see GOD's light

To wash my conscience white again, and stand once more to fight

I don't deserve this chance; I'll just desert His arms

A renegade who'll run away, as I've done in the past

Yet I can't run away, Your Spirit's here to stay

No anger comes, no wrath unleashed, no crushing power display

No need to hide my mess, I just need to confess

Then let me turn and trust again, and see Your loveliness.




---Who can condemn---

I’m covered by the blood
Of a righteous judge;
Who is to condemn?
Who can bring a charge?

GOD Who justifies,
Sent His Son to die
By such a costly price,
His wrath’s been satisfied.

Those who live as His
Are fully acquitted
We continue to sin,
Yet it doesn’t change a thing

GOD chooses us to be
Obedient from the heart
He pours grace full and free;
His righteousness imparts.

Don’t let your guilt engulf you,
Don’t trust that sense of loss
Repent again, believe, and fix
Your full gaze on the cross

Nothing makes you filthy,
No one can condemn
GOD’s wrath was all poured out on Christ,
Your brother and your friend.





---It’s unfair---

It's unfair; GOD put all our wrath and curses on His Son?

Picture it; visualise the darkness where this Saviour hung

See Him there? He's removed your future sins, every one

Everything; Jesus took your punishment, it's all done


How can this be? How can the blame for sin be laid on Him?

Why should HE die, while every time I fall, He lets me live?

What can I do to make amends? He took a crushing load!

He's the answer: the man you see up there's your only hope...


We can't add anything to Jesus' blood, to cleanse our souls

From your filth, look at Him; believe His grace and be made whole

So much worth is within the powerful, perfect One Who died,

It's enough; trust His blood, it covers you; you're justified.


The proof of this- is the witness in our hearts, Christ imparts

Who is He? The promised Comforter Who gives a brand new start

Where is He now? He's with you, but He's grieved by your sin's stain

Are you sorry? Search deep, and cleanse your hands; and start again.




---GO HARD---

When we fall down repeatedly, 
Indulging the flesh with indecent deeds

We might become fearful and lack assurance,
Eventually tearful and doubt GOD's for us

GOD's children can't run like beasts in the jungle
Sitting in sin, indulging in things we had love for

He's jealous and will never share the throne of your heart;
So rise up, get your Bible, get praying: GO HARD.




---My new enemy---

My flesh is not the friend of me

It kills my vital energy

It keeps me from the best of me;

My flesh is now my enemy.


I hate the evil that I choose,

The things I used to dive into

My heart condemns me when I do,

As day-by-day it is renewed.


My other mind is right and good

It's pure and thinks the way it should,

And with it, GOD is understood

It's joined with Him in perfection.


So you see- two guys, one frame

Two minds, although the soul's the same

Desires urge to satiate;

Too tired, so I fall again...


I need to go hard everyday

The flesh and Satan do not play

This life in Christ is not a game

And if I play, I end up maimed


Set me free from what's within!

Give me grace to sever limbs

Like a snake, I'm shedding skin

Cutting off the parts which sin.




---The Patience of The Christ---


Don't need to pass a test, now the Lord approves

We're slaves of righteousness, now the law's removed

As long as we're submitting to Him, living this thing,

We'll wrestle with sin, and at times slip and give in


His three disciples failed Him; they failed to watch

Instead if staying, praying, they layed and cotched

But Jesus still was patient, and mercy showed

Initiative was taken, ‘rise up, let's go’


He handles us the same when we're slipping up

Our candle stays aflame when we're out of touch

And when we fall for lusts, He has mercy much

There's always more for us, this is perfect love


By blood we're covered through this, each day and night

In love He suffered bruises, to make us white

The power of the Gospel, to cover sins;

In terms of fear, we've lost all through loving Him.




---East from west---




From the depth of this dungeon, I'm looking at You

I'm a glutton for punishment, puking, and spew

GOD it doesn't seem logical to yet forgive;

And still even more crazy- that You'll let me live.


Oh Lord, why did You make me; You knew I would be

A self-centred, short-sighted wretch, even when free

All rebellious, stumbling back to my old ways

Still I know only one thing; You called me by name.


Yes that's true, but I knew you would keep returning (to Me)

Now you're new and improved, and you're still in learning

Though its painful, you're Love's fruit, unblemished and whole;

Child, I made you to love you and cherish your soul.


Know there's nothing against you- it's empty, none left

Since your Saviour has drained all My wrath to the dregs

There's no peace in yourself; trust the words in the Psalm,

One O three and verse twelve- come, return to My arms.



Oct - Dec 2010
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