What GOD Has Done In Me

Poems about my salvation


---Then to now---


Looking back to the old times, the memories

I remember I would smoke, try and rest at ease

Find a woman I could hold, for intimacy

Or a bottle of good Rosé, or a bit of weed


Had some very sweet times, I'm not gonna lie

Lived with mates, went on dates, went out every night

For a short while, I didn't realise I was impure;

Life was cool, so I never heard the voice of the Lord.


I had no idea I was going to be yours

At that time, thought my future was a different course

I could never see myself on my knees before You

Pouring out my heart, 'cos I wasn't seeking for You


I was very puffed up, thought I knew it all

So for You to intervene was a miracle

For You to call my name was so beautiful,

Then I felt no more blame, 'cos You took it all.


Let me never forget what kind of man I was

Piling up the regrets, although I planned to stop

Had an ego so big, I thought it couldn't break

Confidence was so strong, that it would never quake

What a fool to think that I controlled the future;

Now I know reality: my Father's the earth-mover

Eternity is in Your hands, my life was written out and planned

You knew before my time began, that I would be a brand new man.


I was hungry for Your grace, stomach rumbled loud

So my ego had to break, had to crumble down

Then my sins began to weigh, then my habits changed

Now I seek Your holy face and I love Your ways


When I'm weary in the race, then I come to You

Find an oasis of praise when I'm going through

Digging deeper in Your words, get a clearer view

Stay believing what I've heard: every sin removed.

---I can't sin like I used to---

 I can't sin like I used to; something is stopping me

Someone is loving me, Fatherly, hugging me

Strong feelings of comfort and happiness,

from healing; a hunger for character

And purity, and perfection,

I'm at war with the imperfections

Can't sit and rest on my laurels,

He's continually testing my morals

Because of Him I fight, struggling day and night

Fighting against lust, while in Him I trust

Sometimes I can't see Him; His glory is looking dim

Yet somehow I survive; His Spirit's still inside

The apex of my joy, invisible, heart-changing

I'm changed within, He makes me sing; His presence is amazing!

His promises endure; His commands are pure and sure

The Son of GOD, the door; I desire Him more and more.

---Praise to my Creator---

I see what You’ve made;

My heart is gushing with praise

Only You could create

This range of colours and shapes


Your scriptures give light;

I fall love with Your ways

I look at my life,

And see I’ve started to change


You make every star

And though inside I was hard,

Youve made a new heart;

Showed me how perfect You are


The green hills, blue skies,

Bright, shining sun to give heat

A new man in Christ;

What you create is complete.





---Hidden thoughts---

Pure light shines from Your Word, Your eyes cover the earth,
Seeing everything I do; I can’t escape from You

Everywhere I go present like an echo,
Your grace is all I know, cherished like a red rose

Help me not forget You in the days of my youth
Every day, connect to every spiritual truth

Cause my pride to weaken in Your sight, like kryptonite
Make sore my sins and deeds, like wounds that bleed

I want to be transparent, aspire to be like glass
So I can know Your power; a fire in me, a blast

Reveal my secret thoughts; what’s bitter in me, each part
See what lurks within, what’s hidden; see in my heart.




---The love of Jesus Christ---

I'm  scribbling here about the love which called my heart to Life

This love is surely from above: the love of Jesus Christ

A love which eminates from grace, and penetrates mistakes

This love makes me forget regrets; through my unrest, I'm blessed


A love that's stronger, covers sin, and takes the weight of life

A love which makes a wicked man completely justified

A love which heals a broken soul, a love which understands

A love which intimately spoke; the love which changed this man


And though in life, at times it seems absurd, I know He lives

And when I see that L-O-V-E word, I think of His

Now that His wrath is satisfied, I feel this love so strong

Like love is patient, love is kind...the list goes on and on


He knows exactly where you are, and everything you've done

Or haven't done, if that's the case- whatever, you're His son

An heir of Christ, GOD's own fine-art, the purchase of His light

Now born of Spirit, GOD-ward heart, and washed with blood for life

This love pursued and sought me out when I was down-and-out

A time my life was bound to drown in sin without a doubt

Carried me beyond my failure, lifted me in power

When you're loved by your creator, it's a happy hour


He meets you at Your point of pain, and questions, trust and wait

Believe this love is never late; depression? Just have faith

It's hard to trust He died for sin! My world is crumbling, caving in

Identity is shaking, thin; emotions stumbling and waning...


Its at these times you need to trust the solid love of GOD

He took our curses, bled for us; He's solid as a rock

More personal than your PC, the love of GOD untamed

He'll help you get back on your feet, and find yourself again.



---Song of the Redeemed Ones---

We've been given new life, and we live it through Christ

Jesus is now glorious, since He gave it all for us

Holiness is health in us, not arrogance and selfishness

Our purpose is to honour Him, even through our sufferings


We still have issues, we know life is hard,

We don't like to imagine if we didn't know GOD-

Feeling lost and alone in this world; hopeless,

Confused by moods up and down like rollercoasters?


GOD fashioned these very beings from the dust of the earth

He's passionate when we see Him, shows how much we are worth

He's proud of His creation even though it's been stained

His Son is the foundation; see? We're these kids He's saved


He cancelled our death sentence, now calls us to repentance

Without His Spirit's witness, there's no way we could live this

Our aim is life's to please Him, obey His Spirit's leading

Like David, we're all seeking; where can we go to meet Him?


Sept - Dec 2010
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